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Flower Girl Dresses capture some funfilled memories

Guests (more Prom dresses here) not always adversaries I feel compelled to comment about the letter from"Miffed pro in south carolina" (April 20), the professional photographer who complained about guests taking photographs at weddings. I am a clergyperson who has seen more than my share of rude, incompetent professional photographers.I have seen them attempt to set up tripods at the altar, leaving no room for the wedding party to stand.I have seen them squat in the middle of the aisle, stopping each couple as they approach to get a"Candid"Shot.I have cleaned up front pews cluttered with their camera cases and jackets thrown over the altar, delaying the start of the ceremony. After the wedding, they set up equipment, checking lighting and settings Dresses: interminably until the bride has lost every bit of"Glow"And the candles have burned to stumps.One bride finally shouted,"Enough! "And burst into tears because she wanted to go to her reception. Ultimately, the bride and groom are often left with substandard photos at a premium price.This, i believe, is why guests bring their own cameras so they can click here to see more info about Flower Girl Dresses capture some funfilled memories of the day that are affordable. Ouch!I'm sorry you have had such a disappointing experience with unprofessional professional wedding photographers.Some readers echoed your sentiments photos lost, lens caps accidentally left on, photo labs burning down while others described a wedding day spent in blissful harmony during which photographer, bridal couple and guests through compromise and communication made the experience a snap.Read on: My wedding photographer explained to the guests that he was going to take the formal shots first, then they could take their pictures while we were still posed for a few more minutes.That way everyone could get the"Good shots. " As for the"Candid shots"My guests took, i love them.In one of them, my 84yearold uncle was doing the twist with my 92yearold grandmother.I was delighted because i didn't see it happening.By the time our reception dinner was served, this couple had taken their photos to a onehour lab, so we had pictures of our wedding before we even left for our honeymoon.