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Crew kin send sos to sonia Crew kin send this page sos to sonia The categories of missing crew of mv rezzak, on saturday, demanded a cbi inquiry towards the ship's disappearance.They wrote a letter to congress president sonia gandhi too, asking her to investigate the matter.The ship went not well-Known in black sea, off the turkish coast last month 18. "Top leaders in the middle should do something because we think facts are being deliberately suppressed.We can't rely on our embassy officials in ankara, apartado and after that moscow, menti one d uma mohan, sister of the missing ship's chief professional gopal krishna menon.Yesterday, she had alleged that the directorate general of shipping was misleading the brought on. Several among the relatives said a lot of stuff till date pointed to a fraud.No one from chief b goswami's family was, unfortunately, deliver a presentation at the meeting. "It is possible that absolutely nothing in the sea to search for, considered that mohan.Dna had reported on march 4 that turkey had informally told indian shipping officials of remedy maritime fraud. Mevis meyers' boyfriend was among rezzak's crew. "We must get rid of it alive, she Buy Jewelry wanted to say.A few others observed the nature of cargo on board the rezzak. An additional crew pritam singh's cousin harish sharma said,"We were low price legally told that the ship was carrying russian steel billets worth $3 million.But where is the proof that the ship was not carrying separate traditions?The federal government needs to find out if customs formalities were cleared before rezzak left novorossiysk port in russia,