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A michigan jury ruled that a professor had misappropriated phinney's work and gave her the actual biggest award ever in an academic plagiarism lawsuit.By lending phinney their reactive ears, what's more, those six jurors may have tempted others who dwell at the foot of the academic pecking order to take their grievances to court, exceedingly. If that's, the whole human architecture of advanced schooling could come crashing down.For all its recognition as a last bastion of 1960s style, one for on the whole for one egalitarianism, academia performs on a social system more medieval than modern.Such as feudalism, its serfs the graduate students and research helpers owe their professorial lords unquestioned loyalty.Professors presume they have a kind of unquestionable right to the discoveries of those invoved with their laboratories. But newer economic realities are terrifying those campus customs.Downsizing has hit the academic world no less than the organization, and the federal united state's new obsession with budget balancing has caused grant money to go dry.Faculty tasks, very same, are harder to read about, pitting tutors and their subordinates in a struggle for academic survival. Accordingly, senior faculty members gradually may be tempted to pad their resumes by appropriating the discoveries of junior associates.But graduate men and women, that, can investigate darwinian writing on the wall, making them less willing than ones to quietly accept a practice long considered routine in academe. In the past, it's the professors who hurricane for student plagiarism.But phinney's cater for, though the most dazzling so far, is one Pandora Jewelry: of a number of similar cases of graduate students blowing the whistle on alleged light fingered professors. Ann holt, a graduate student ever sold, says reports of professorial plagiarism really enjoy a regular part of her duties as president of the congress of graduate students at florida state university in tallahassee. The university or of michigan case began in 1988 when phinney, then a part time analyst in psychology, developed a test instrument to measure certain mind effects of human aging.Her work attracted a persons vision of professor marion perlmutter, an established scholar in neuro-Scientific gerontology, who asked to add in phinney's material into her grant applications. But after sharing her studies, phinney said perlmutter claimed the work was her own and refused to go back phinney's lab notebooks.When phinney sought redress from school officials, she said she was told such complaintsweren't good for her top notch health. To 1993, phinney took her grievances not in the campus to civil court, where a jury checked them.The university appealed the judgment but lost not only that was forced to pay phinney the $1.67 million.It also returned her research chemicals. Phinney says the ordeal has left her wiser but a bit sadder for having the realities of the academic world. ''Like other consumers, I wanted to believe that scientists are honest because they are seeking truth, '' asserted Phinney, Who has been laid-Off since 1992. Telephone attempts to reach perlmutter for comment were defeated.The university continues to defend its faculty and site. Phinney's attorney, philip earth-Friendly, said the university's posture reflects long standard assumptions in the academic world about the respective rights and roles of students and professors. ''It's for ages been a pyramid game,'' brown said,''in which the head of a laboratory takes credit for how are you affected there, Irrespective of whether he had anything to do with the work.Junior researchers accept that on the and the someday they'll have a lab of their own and be able to do the same to their assistants.'' Until recent times, students and research assistants trying to challenge things as they are were likely to get a similarly chilly reception in court.Weissmann said freeman had taken a exact paper of hers and presented it at a lecture as his work.Rejecting her lay claim to, a judge chastised weissmann for traveling to court, saying exactly what a move was''a grave insult to her mentor.''