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Aussie stars in limelight at cosmopolitan women While singers such as ella fitzgerald and billie holiday may be among the chief female names in jazz, traditionally there are few women known for writing or playing jazz music. But women are emptying new ground.The inaugural sydney crucial women's jazz festival is featuring some of australia's rising stars.They don't just tickling the ivories, but creating the tunes. "I always like arrangements, so i always enjoy my own thing, and i think that's the start of getting into jazz that is mostly improvising and mostly being yourself and being resourceful, expresses ms pachecho. She is complicated Air Jordan 2012 For Sale not just industry stereotypes, but societal stereotypes as well. "It is difficult, just due dinam nike to its cliches.As an example, when you are cuban you are meant to be dancing and singing and i get it all the time, she stated sbs. "People assume products, they assume i am a singer throughout the day.Or an actress or anything, but am not a piano player.You probably have to prove double the that you are great, She was the first female to win the solo piano challengers at the montreux jazz festival this year. And there are others making their mark in jazz in a lot more significant ways, not merely the as pianists and singers but as composers and instrumentalists. Aussies such as double bass player hannah james, composer andrea keller, and vocal improviser gian slater are are just some of the women breaking through in a new jazz environment. "There's been a focus certainly here in australia where we've been trying to focus our energies on nurturing young women as they are coming through their music studies so that they can learn to improvise safely with Nike Basketball Shoes other women, says amy curl of the sydney program women's jazz festival.