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Your government 11 dinam retro episode thirty recap The season finale of big brother 11 revealed the final two houseguests additionally, the jury vote to decide who would be going home with the $500, 000 cash reward. The larger 11 season finale began with a quick recap of how the season had progressed, noting the ups and downs this substance dramas that had taken place in the house.The recap all led up to the start of the big brother 11 season finale, the final hoh rivals, indeed the winner of big brother 11 was revealed by host julie chen. Big brother 11 final Air Jordan 10 For Sale hoh competitorin the final big brother 11 hoh competing pages, ended up three stages.Details of stage 1 and stage 2 were set to face off in stage 3 to decide who would win the final hoh of the season.Kevin won stage 1 and jordan surely could win stage 2, having a kevin vs.Jordan match up in stage 3 this live(For the colonial)Bigger 11 finale. During the final stage of the last hoh levels of rivalry, kevin and jordan had to guess correctly how they felt that the members of the jury would respond to questions.The winner might be the houseguest that guessed deals on air jordan the most correctly, and would be given the final big brother hoh title.It was a competitive sport that involved knowing the other contestants well, simple fact it was based almost entirely on luck, it did shed some light on how kevin and jordan felt they knew one more houseguests. With the first four questions, the pair were both tied with two correct answers, inflicting the fifth question deciding the final hoh winner.They both guessed precisely the exact same answer, and also sent it into a final tie breaker.The final question was to guess how many votes to evict were cast during the bigger 11 season.Jordan suspected 50, kevin got 80, and the perfect answer was 51 votes, making jordan the total hoh winner. Final bigger 11 eviction ceremonyjordan held the power to evict the final person from the house, and had to choose whether to keep kevin or natalie around to be part of the final two with her.Both kevin and natalie could give a quick speech before jordan made her Nike Basketball Shoes For Sale choice, and then jordan chose to evict kevin from the bigger house. The your government 11 jury questionswith the final two houseguests selected, the six jury members were allowed to ask questions of tenacious houseguests to help decide who they would vote for to win big brother 11.Natalie and jordan were asked a total of six thoughts, and from that the jury surely could select the winner of big brother 11.Before that vote, natalie and jordan gave one final statement about why they felt they have to win big brother 11. The winner of larger 11the your government jury voted for the person they wanted to win government 11, and chose jordan as the winner.Making use of win jordan takes home the cash prize of $500, 000 and natalie has home $50, 000 for doing second place this season.Thus ended the bigger 11 season finale.